AXA Insurance coverage of ONE HOUR JOB


You promise, we assure you !

The exercise of your skills is now 100% guaranteed, you can act in peace with what is best in insurance services.

ONE HOUR JOB & ASSUR’UP have worked together to frame your jobber activity within the limit of 9 Million euros per year!

Who can benefit from this insurance?

Our insurance covers the civil liability of natural persons, self-employed or self-employed persons, offering their services in the framework of activities guaranteed by the insurance and carried out through the platform ONE HOUR JOB.

What activities are covered by insurance?

The insurance covers the following activities:

  • Do-it-yourself / Gardening
  • Household, home and personal services
  • Computing
  • Private lessons
  • Events
  • Wellness
  • Business / Administrative

Warning ! Any activity subject to the insurance obligation or regulated profession can not benefit from the AXA insurance.

Are they covering me everywhere?

Yes, we cover you all over France. However, the warranties extend to damages occurring worldwide, excluding the USA and Canada, for events organized by ONE HOUR JOB in the following settings:

  • Travel;
  • Participation in internships, cooking workshops;
  • Business or study missions;
  • Participation in fairs, exhibitions, fairs, congresses, seminars or colloquiums.

For any question, contact us on the chat or on

In the event of an incident:

Contact Assur’Up on 01 82 28 51 50 or on

For information regarding the terms and conditions of insurance and reimbursement, please consult the general conditions of insurance. For information on exclusions and amounts of guarantees, please refer to Assur’Up (see above).

Examples of claims:

[Examples of claims]

“You damage a joint by repairing a sink and a leak is spreading at your customer? Woe, do you drop a hammer on the glass table that breaks? You intervene to fix a chandelier that you let go unfortunately? ”

“For all this material, intangible or even physical damage caused to a” third party “(ie, another person) you are covered by the AXA insurance that is automatically offered to you by One Hour Job. This is the liability insurance. ”


Warning ! Only damage caused to a third party is insured. If you are injured during a mission, the coverage will not allow you to collect daily allowances in the event of immobilization or to reimburse your hospitalization expenses.

This guarantee also applies only to the reimbursement of the damage caused, and not for the payment of a second service intended to repair the damage caused in advance. Ex: If you are leaking into an apartment, only the cost of repairing the damage (i.e.: new joint, pipework, etc.) will be reimbursed and not the repair cost.


Ex explanation: “What is a franchise? This is the amount you will have to pay in the event of an incident, even if you are insured.